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GN Gold Nu-wrinkle
G Gold Mirror
SN Silver Nu-wrinkle
S Silver Mirror
HN Silver & Gold Nu-wrinkle
The BULLY® IS BACK!!! Redesigned from the ground up, the new BULLY is even heavier than the original. It weighs in at 9/10 oz. Sure to please long distance casters and deep water enthusiasts, angling for; trout, salmon, walleye, bass, striped bass and pike. Rarely do we see continued angler requests for a series when it is no longer available. Years after we discontinued the BULLY, we continued to receive requests to bring the series back. Available in 9 colours including classic genuine silver and 24K gold metallic and airbrushed colour patterns.
CDIC Candied Ice Silver back
BTOR Burnt Orane Silver back
 A century old North American tradition with world wide recognition.   Jewelry quality genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes. Nothing reflects any and all available light like precious metals.
YO Yellow & Orange Silver Back
ENVY Envy Copper back