The first Williams Wabler was stamped in Buffalo NY sometime around 1914, full production began in 1920. Canadian production began in 1923 in Fort Erie Ontario . Until 1978  production of the Wabler took place on both sides of the Canada USA border. As of 1978 all production was transferred to the Canadian plant. A Canadian favourite with a world wide reputation. There are 3 constants to Williams;     1) Williams lures have always been finished in genuine silver and or 24 carat gold, nothing matches the visibility and reflective qualities.     2) The Williams brand has always been produced in North America by anglers for anglers.     3) They have consistently produced for anglers for over 100 years. Williams range of; series, sizes, styles, colors and weights offer anglers a proven selection for a wide range of species which are applicable to a variety of presentations and conditions!
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 A century old North American tradition with world wide recognition.   Jewelry quality genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes. Nothing reflects any and all available light like precious metals.